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14 Best Classified Website Templates to build Sites Like OLX in 2022

Best Classified Website Templates

These days, classified website templates is at the top in demand. It is preferable by the developers due to its simplicity. WordPress develops the CMS application quickly. And, here, anyone can buy a theme and customize it accordingly. All types of APIs, such as Payment Gateway Plugin, SEO, etc., are easy to integrate with WordPress.

Best Place to find Classified Website Templates and Why?

The design of a website prototype for classified ads is the right way for an online income. Best of all, you do not need to pay massive money to the developer to make the website for you. There are several websites for these classified website templates, but, according to developers, Theme forest and Osclass-Pro provide the best and compatible themes.

1. Theme forest

Theme forest is the best place for classified ad templates. Theme Forest allows you to buy and sell HTML templates and a range of themes for CMS products like Joomla, WordPress, and so on.

2. Osclass

Osclass themes are the first step to find the classified ad templates. These themes can attract the user’s attention. These themes offer different Plugins that work correctly when it comes to optimizing and earnings from the site. 

If you are wondering about choosing the classified website templates, you should take a developer’s advice.

Classified Website Templates
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Choosing Classified Ad Website templates

1. Simple to build:

It means that your site is too time-consuming, and it’s unlikely to run as you want. Instead, look for a theme with a simple, clean design that suits your niche. Since the important task as a developer is to provide a better user experience.

2. Elementor Support:

It’s always on the highest priority. Before buying the theme, first, ensure that Elementor is supported or not. As it would be challenging to build the website otherwise.

3. Responsive template:

Mobile traffic accounts for about 50% of Internet traffic, which only increases. As a developer, mobile responsive management is one of the priorities.

4. Tech support for developers is essential:

No matter what subject you pick, you may need help for time to come. And that situation occurs; you may want to find support, so it’s worth testing the host support policy before making your decision.

5. User Reviews

Before buying any themes, spend a few minutes on reading user reviews. Those reviews were originally written by theme users who purchased it before. Read and understand the pros and cons of the theme from real-time users.

Lisfinity theme is a top classified WordPress ad theme that is ideal for posting any classified ad associated with your business. 

Combined with multiple features, the Lisfinity theme has more to offer like it’s drag and drops part will allow you to customize your classified ad site as per your requirement.


This theme has a unique search builder where users can view any of their ads and search for any classified ads. Like other classified themes, Lisfinity will allow users to post ads on different categories. You can choose when the expired ads are eliminated from the site or simply stop it, so they don’t appear on the site. 


It’s a fast-loading WordPress ad theme that is compatible with all devices like Phone, Laptop, or Tablet. If you want to monetize an ad in this theme, then it’s easy for you, as this theme allows you to do small transactions. Apart from this, if you have an outdated theme, you can quickly move to this Lisfinity theme without losing your previous ads and data. 


With an all set alternative, you don’t have to install any extra Plugins. And, you can choose multiple colors and languages based on your country.  

Ad Forest is a theme that has an excellent front-end User Interface. This theme has more than 16 pre-defined templates for your WordPress classified website. Through this theme, you can set up your website to receive direct payments from users using the WooCommerce integration.


It consists of a search tool that helps your visitors get the listings nearest them and an optional Android app to promote your website more effectively to mobile users. AdForest classified ad theme is the one-stop solution to start, and this theme also allows you to sell your products online.


By offering multiple features, this Adforest theme is ideal in several ways like; it offers you automatic approval as well as the moderation of Ad. By using this theme, you can directly communicate with the buyer and the seller right from their admin panels as this theme supports message communication.


Another interesting feature of this theme offers is; it allows you to set the parameter. In other words, it allows the user to select whether to show its phone number on the site or not.


 This theme consists of an advanced search option feature along with multiple filters to narrow the results. You can even mark the classified ads as sold, marked, expired, and this all depends on the selection of the seller.

Classima is another WordPress website template for posting classified ads. Classima has five templates to provide you with a wide variety of choices for your WordPress classified website.


This theme is a modern classified WordPress theme that is designed especially for directory websites and other classified listings. Offering your drag and drop option, the developer can easily customize this theme.  


You can also alter several aspects of your directory of classifications through the strong control panel of theme choices using the editors for customizing your site. You can also pick the right look and style from various templates each time you publish a new entry and listing in your directory.


This theme offers several features like its multi home pages that you can easily customize through the medium of classic page builder. Apart from this, all the home page demos can be imported by the developer.


This theme accompanies five unique variations and gives you the option to choose colors based on your choice on each block of the site. The other amazing feature this theme gives is to select among 800+ google fonts.

Classiads have a sleek and elegant interface that makes it a perfect option for virtually all types of products to be sold or advertised. Applying this theme on any website as your landing page makes the site more appealing as this theme accompanies a menu system and category links that fulfill all your visitor’s needs. 


This ClassiAds theme has an advanced template for the WordPress sites that present the classifieds differently. A highly customizable theme is available in unlimited colors for both the front end and back end. 


This theme consists of rich features like drag and drop system along with page builder as well as its payment gateway that is very responsive. You can also add google maps in the ClassiAds theme. 


This theme is created with HTML5 and CSS3 that allows you to create a professional platform for classified ads. You don’t need to add some extra extensions for the buying and selling of ads. ClassiAds themes (one of the big classifieds ads posting platforms) have made it possible for you to customize and set up the site effortlessly.

Adifier is a WordPress theme with full features that allows you to build virtually any kind of a site. No matter, you want to publish any listings or the audience you want to represent, the theme you’re looking for, is Adifier. This theme has a variety of different models, and it is highly configurable. 


Being a responsive WordPress classified ads theme, Adifier allows you to feature your products and services uniquely. This theme is beneficial in several ways like the one you can set up the custom fields to how to display the ads of the users that enhance the site’s functionality. Consisting of a multi-functional dashboard, you can let your visitors get access to all the information they need.


This theme allows you to set up the subscription package for the users so that they can promote their ads. This theme supports multiple payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, PayUMoney, Wallet one, etc.


It’s a fully customize theme that lets you build promotional offers. This theme also has a custom messaging system to let users and buyers communicate. Even buyers can review their products and services.

Eva is a fully responsive classified Osclass theme that has a professional design. This premium Osclass theme is built with HTML, CSS3, and offers multiple options. It’s a universal theme that allows posting multiple classified ads.


You can set up the colors as per your choice as this theme consists of multiple colors. These colors can be picked from the Color picker where you will find Primary color, Secondary color, publish ad button color, and hover for this button. 


Along with the interactive Google maps, a lot more options are available in this Eva theme. The main search page of the Eva theme can be easily configured. You can search directly by choosing a country, region, city, state, district, & item. This theme gives you multi-language support.


Even you have the option to enable or disable the advance search option. There is no need to edit the code and to install any extra plugin for this theme. You can add google maps, upload favicon, add background images, customize the categories as well as set up the whole site according to you. 

The Marketplace is the other best classified Osclass theme that consists of a unique design and has great functions. It’s a fast-classified website theme that is professional and has several features. This theme is compatible with Osclass 3.5.0 latest version.


You will find unlimited color options in this Marketplace theme, or you can select your preferred color to publish ad button, other buttons, other buttons hover, forms header background, forms header fond, side blocks header background, category label background, category label background hover, and so on.


You can set the header and footer according to the website layout and details. You can even choose to set the post options by enabling and disabling it.


There are many options available to post the ads like you can show only premium ads, show ads with pictures only, show ads with the same category, show ads with the same country, and show ads with the same region. In other words, you can customize the whole site without any Hassle. 

Veronika Osclass theme is a standout amongst other premium themes for creating classified ad sites. With a simple and easy to use layout, you can customize this Osclass premium theme accordingly.


No matter you have a desktop, tablet, or mobile, this Veronika Osclass theme runs compatibly on all the devices. Consists of unique functionality, Veronika theme has a responsive & clean design, that allows you a user-friendly interface.


You can get part of plugins to match the Veronika theme design, and you don’t need to spend extra money on applications as this theme is designed so perfectly that can easily adjust to any screen size.


This theme accompanies many plugins that you can download from the Osclass market. If you want multiple functionalities, you should download this Veronika Osclass theme.

The other Osclass classified theme is Fino. This Osclass theme is built on CSS3 and HTML5. This theme has different color options to select from a wide range of Colors. Fino offers you a responsive theme to work on any device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


It has many functions, you can easily implement and manage Google Adsense ads. All the category icons can be easily uploaded from the admin panel. The admin can also enable or disable the category items or the subcategories.


This theme supports many languages, like English, German, French, and other different languages. And, more effective functions are added in recent updates of Fino Osclass theme.

BeClass Premium, Responsive Osclass themes. It has a Clean & Responsive Design that is compatible with the latest Osclass classified script. It has an easy admin panel, custom header, custom home, custom footer, custom color, a single custom product, unlimited color, & custom background.


BeClass has some more incredible features like unlimited themes color, 6 ready scheme color, Google font, awesome icon, slider, grid, external menu links, call, and SMS button, & Images category.


This Clean and Responsive theme has multi-language support which is more useful for international users.

2 Best Free Classified WordPress themes

Classy Ads is the free sleek and flexible website template for classified websites. With Classy Ads, you can create all kinds of items, work listings, and directory websites. You ensure a smooth and distractive experience with a clean and sophisticated interface, whether you use a mobile device or a desktop setup.


Classy Ads has plenty of quality goodies that will get you right now, including advanced search tools. This website template is a free classified advertisement kit full of goods so you can build the right web page for your products or services.

Auction is another responsive and free WordPress classified theme that contains templates to build a unique classified ads website. You can quickly begin with Auction if you choose to start, purchase, and sell your online site. This theme has many helpful features & functions; this framework also suits all standard computers and web browsers. 


This free classified WordPress theme is translatable and it’s Woo-commerce compatible. It has a one-click demo importer that consists of widgets with thumbnails, color management, pricing tables, child theme, XML demo content, and many other features. 

2 Best free Osclass classified Themes

This clean and sensitive Osclass wizard is ideal for any computer. The standard Bootstrap system enables the developer with the new edition of Osclass. This theme has a clean and flat style which is simple to configure and comfortable for consumers. 


This theme is focused on delivering high-quality customer friendliness. You can easily set up the classified site by simply installing this OSclassWizard theme. You can create a fashion website, small business website, portfolio website, photography website as well as a creative portfolio with this theme.

It is a luxury Osclass theme with intelligent functions free to provide consumers with the best experience. This Responsive free Osclass theme has established specifications and functionalities that are not present in other themes.


This theme has many functions distinctive from the other ones. It has several free plugins tailored to fit theme design such that no intervention is required when plugins are installed. Notice that the plugins are initially free, but theme maintenance does not provide care for these plugins. 

How to create/build a classified website like OLX?

Creating a site online is not a difficult task, yet many things arise when we need to create classified sites just like OLX. As during this era of competition, everyone wants their site to be attractive, and the one that is responsive and user friendly attracts more users. 


The more your site is appealing, and the more will be your success rate. If your classified ads site is user-friendly, buyers and sellers will love to list their ads. But, a professional and feature-rich site requires a lot of work.


Making it on your own is not a simple as it looks. So, if you’re thinking about making a classified website like OLX, this is the right place.

1. Choose the domain provider and hosting:

The first thing to pick is the domain name, which is the online address for a website. Next, you have to choose a fast hosting service to host your web files. The method is clear and straightforward, selects a good hosting service and enters a domain name, or you can join a new domain, with the choices open, if you don’t have a domain name.


A robust hosting atmosphere is still vital after the domain. If the payment has been made, you will continue to the next phase to choose a website platform(WordPress or Osclass) for Classified sites.

2. WordPress or Osclass:

WordPress provides all the functions you would like to build a comprehensive website for classifieds. WordPress also helps you to make money through your online website directory. 


For Classified WordPress templates, Osclass is fine. We don’t have to build a different login page, register page, listing page, or other types. Osclass is simple to configure. The categorized script offers a complete approach to classified websites.


We can quickly open our local websites with only a single click of installation. Open your Cpanel and install Osclass CMS, import answer topic from Osclass.

3. Themes and Plugins

Themes are a crucial part when creating a site. As a theme represents a site and the plugin is what adds different functionalities to our site. A plugins is, in general, a software add-on that is generally installed in a program. Having a plugins on-site enhances the working of the site, and if no plugins is installed in the site, most likely will be the chance of less functioning of some features.

4. Necessary Features

Detailed Listings:

A classified listing page would make the post-type classified. However, the most critical part is that the classed listings are insightful and detailed. You may handle the fields of the classified post category with the classified directory topic.

Login to User:

User authentication and administration are the two critical functions of a directory-based website. Your categorized website should quickly log the users to your website and handle their accounts from the front.

A submission system for the front end:

For the reception of paying submissions from the front end, a fully operating infrastructure is needed for your classified website to acknowledge and process the requests.

5. Add new Ads:

You would like to add any classifieds posted on your website until you build a classifieds website. As a website manager, you can log in to the dashboard and incorporate the Classifieds listing with the backend options. To insert a group on your website, click on a categorized button, and use the platform.

Selecting the group by introducing a classification list is useful in several ways. For example, it facilitates the organization of the web. It lets users locate relevant advertising in other categories that are unrelated but without wasting time. Users won’t have to check for multiple groups. You may pick your group and browse at the items you are searching for specifically instead.

6 Tips to rank Classified ad Website

Perhaps one of the world’s most common forms of pages is classified advertising websites. By online classifications, millions of people around the world shop online. Different items can be found and bought through online sites. Check these steps t rank your classified websites on Google.

1. Don’t Index Multiple Duplicate Ads

This is the first error that most of the websites classified create. This is a dead-end when you confuse Google with duplicate material from the beginning.

2. Optimize Category and Sub Categories

The solution is to target, refine, and connect to the category pages, subcategory pages typically rely on the individual ad pages on how organic traffic can get there.


Therefore you can use the main category and subcategory pages on your categorized website to include your main organic traffic pages.

3. Create Backlinks

Guest articles would be a useful technique to get unique backlinks to your website. Create more related backlinks to rank your classified website.

4. Blogging

You can write blog articles on your classified website. In your blog, you should concentrate many things on looking for a long time.

5. Social Promotions

Social Promotion will assist your SEO activities and will not enhance your organic rankings. Instagram and Pinterest, you can use the influence of social networks to advertise your website with visual detail. Let users look at Facebook’s best home sales options.

6. Image alt text

Use Keywords in Image Alt descriptions, this will help to rank the listings in image search.

7 best ways to Make Money with Classified ad Website

It’s not a misconception to raise money off the website. Anybody can do that. In reality – it’s a place where you can make money with classified ads. It works to transform a part-time hobby blog or website into an income-generating commodity. Here are some beneficial solutions to make money with classified ad website.

1. Payment for Ad place:

The most common form of collecting fees is to encourage announcements. Many that wish to market their goods quickly have to separate their advertisements from others somehow. Changing colors or labeling the letter with a vibrant picture is the safest approach.

2. Charge extra amount for the additional time

The time that the ad is seen is essential. The more commercial is placed online, the more future buyers are sure to watch it. Classified advertisements are tested regularly, but it is easy to render a sales success with perhaps a few hours more.

3. Ads payments highest Place

Visitors to the website typically concentrate mainly on the first performance. Still, the announcement should be made at the top of the page. You can almost be assured that your ad won’t lose the prospective customer.

4. Extra description & Images:

The seller will stand out from the field with a more detailed explanation. The willingness to use more text & images renders its offer more appealing for prospective buyers.

5. Premium users plan

Offer paid user plan bundles, offering them more flexibility and more choice. You can restrict the number of advertisements applied to a selected category; encourage you to upload more images, limiting access to selected groups, and many more. You can set various limitations on your users.

6. Custom Banner & Adsense Ads

You may even rent the website advertising space. You may add Google AdSense advertising with the classified tools and website models that enable you to win advertising. It will present your custom banners with any click and charge advertisers with additional costs.

7. Earning through Affiliate marketing:

Affiliates marketing is one of the most common ways to raise the revenue of your website or blog (not to mention fastest). Begin by identifying and recommending a product you like. You then accept your page’s effect, advertise it to guests to your website, and email subscribers.


Here at the end, it is clear that classified ads templates are very much fruitful for those who target the business based on promotional income. It also attracts the customers easily. More chances of lead conversion chances are there. So any user can proceed with that.

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