Osclass Themes Download - 31 Osclass Free & Premium Themes Download

With Osclass free themes, now creating a beautiful looking and responsive classified website has become very easy and free of hassles. As it’s one of the best open-source scripts for classified websites. It has all the features required to run your business smoothly. From payments, shopping, to option for monetization and advertisements, and protection from spam, it has it all.

With Osclass themes, you will be able to change the appearance of your website and make it look professional. Every design you choose in the theme is responsive and further helps to improve the user experience. It is powered by the latest bootstrap framework and html5/Css3, which improves usability. The Osclass free professional theme is with almost all kinds of screens and with all popular browsers, such as IE9, IE10, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.


Osclass Free Themes
Osclass Free & Premium Themes Download

Top 7 Osclass Premium themes

Design is the thing that can make or break your website. To give users a simple yet interactive browsing experience, your website must have an attractive design. And to improve your design, you must have a featured-packed theme. So, if you are looking for the best Osclass free responsive themes, this post is very valuable for you.

Here are the top 6 Osclass Premium themes to download:

5 Best Free Osclass Themes Download

Here are the top free Osclass themes to download:

1. Tatiana - Osclass premium theme free download

Tatiana is a premium theme which is available to download for free. It comes with smart functions that give users the best experience possible. With the Tatiana theme, you ensure an eye-catching design for your classified site. It has the following features:

  • Smart category selection: Despite showing needless subcategories, the theme only shows the important category to a visitor. According to a report, 99% of visitors only look for a particular category on a website.
  • Social share options: Although most of the themes have the option of social share, the Tatiana Osclass theme gives you an edge over others. It gives you interactive social share buttons to attract more users and give them an immersive experience.
  • Smart Search Sidebar: With this feature, a website will list out regions and cities in a particular country. In case, a nation, region, or city, does not has listings, it will stay hidden from the visitor. Also, if a user clicks on a parent or child category, all subcategories will be hidden for better view.
  • Non-registered users: For leaving a quick comment or feedback on a post, a user has to enter a few details like email and phone number, etc. But that’s the case with this theme. Now, an unregistered user can enter his/her phone number given on the listing’s webpage.

Other Features:

  • Smart search sidebar
  • Language bar describing flags of every country
  • Facebook Connect plugin.
  • A new ‘grid view’ in searching
  • A new footer with better eye-catching design

2. OsclassWizards

OsclassWizards is a free, responsive theme that will act as your one-stop solution to your classified site. The classified theme features a minimal design and has service listing for better user experience. Although its current version is 2.0.4, it also supports the latest Osclass version 3.6.1. Below are some of the features of this theme:

  • The OsclassWizards theme is responsive and retina ready used by most of the developers.
  • It is powered by Bootstrap and HTML5 and is compatible with most of the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Whether you are using Opera, Firefox, Safari, or IE10, this theme runs on almost all popular web browsers smoothly.
  • Using this theme, you will be able to use third-party plugins to improve your design and also increase productivity.
  • The theme offers multi-currency plugin and font awesome version 4.5.0.
  • To give you better customization, the OsclassWizards has various options, such as premium slider in the homepage and category page, RTL view, and country-based search.
  • It offers you five different color themes as per your choice and for security, provide you Google reCaptcha tool.
  • It has categories of parent-child options, location access, and display a default image when not choosing any picture.
  • Apart from this, you will also get many languages to support, such as Spanish, Indonesian, Swedish, etc.
  • There is an option to put footer links. You can also install an SEO plugin to improve your site’s visibility to various search engines.

3. Katrina

Downloaded more than one-hundred sixty-four times, Katrina is a free Osclass theme for you. It is fast and offers you a user-friendly design for your classified site. From a convenient search option, nine languages support, to giving free additional plugins, it gives you the power to do more. You will be able to change many settings and customize the theme as per your choice, like turn on and off premium ads.

4. Sofia Osclass

The second and one of the best free Osclass themes to download is the Sofia theme. It is one of the most innovative themes available for your classified website. Although it is suitable for all classifieds, the theme can be ideal for car selling. The Sofia theme is simple and, responsive, and unique that provides various functionalities to users:

  • Mobile-friendly Responsive Design: No matter on which device you open a Sofia-powered website, it will load and open very quickly and without any hassles. It follows the modern standards and technology in website design. And also, there is no uncomfortable horizontal scroll in any browser.
  • Save Search Parameters: Every visitor’s search information is saved on browser cookies. This allows your visitor not to fill-up the form again. Parameters such as country, region, type of view, category, minimum and maximum prices, etc. are saved automatically.
  • Plugins Available with the Theme: When setting up and customizing your website, it is important to have key plugins installed to make things easier. With Sofia’s free theme, you will get many important themes to increase your productivity. These include Facebook Connect, jQuery menu, Print Ad, QR Code, Scroll Top, Social Bookmarks, etc.

Other Features:

  • It is easy to translate the content only with the PO edit. And there is a free program available for translations.
  • Cookies plugin strictly follows the EU cookie laws, saving you from creating a new privacy page.
  • You can easily change the button styles, colors, and background directly from the dashboard.

5. Udhauli

Udhauli is a great free Osclass classified theme for cars and related industry. Using this theme, you will be able to easily customize categories, pages, and designs, as per your requirements. It comes powered by the latest version of Bootstrap. With the help of Bootstrap, the Udhauli theme will become responsive to devices of any screen sizes. It gives you the power to customize your website with the different advanced features and options. Let’s discuss some of them below:

  • As mentioned above, the theme is based on and runs on the powerful Bootstrap Framework.
  • You get a slider option for a premium listing on your website’s homepage.
  • Support for up to six different languages included in this theme.
  • It offers you advanced theme setting options, which will make your classified website easier to navigate and appear easy-to-understand.
  • There is support for 3rd party plugins in the theme.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • If you are aware of the CSS coding, you can customize your website’s design super easily in the CSS editor menu.
  • The Udhauli theme provides you category multiple selects on the item post page.
  • Multi-country support is also available (popular countries, and search in countries).
  • You can also edit and customize the homepage given on the options menu.
  • RTL support is also given in the Udhauli theme.

26 Free Osclass Themes Nulled Download

1. Falgun Theme

The Falgun theme is a free, responsive theme, which offers minimal design and service listing. It is powered by HTML5 and bootstrap to give you more functionality. The theme can easily adapt to any screen smoothly, thus, giving users a cleaner and faster browsing experience. It is compatible with IE 9, IE 10, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

If you are searching for Osclass classified theme for jobs then this could be one of the best choices available. It showcases all the required information as a recruiter in the best and simpler way possible. Let us discuss some of the top features of this theme below:

  • As mentioned above, the Falgun theme is based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework.
  • There is multi-language support, and in this version, you will get six different languages, suitable for a global audience.
  • Clean, fast, and responsive design and interface.
  • It is compatible with the latest version of the Osclass theme.
  • It supports almost all kinds of devices and browsers.
  • You can configure multi-country support, including all the popular countries in the world.
  • The Falgun theme gives you the option to modify various items in the dashboard as well as the user’s page.
  • You will be able to search and select a country, city, region, etc. as per your requirement.
  • The classified website can also have social links on the footer.
  • The theme supports 3rd party plugins, thus, making your businesses dynamic and easier.
  • Support for ‘scroll to the top’ button. Turn it on/off easily from the control panel.

2. Pioneer

This free Osclass theme is downloaded for more than one-hundred and seventy-two times on the internet. Developed by San-Osclass, it can be run on the latest Osclass version 3.5.0 and above. It is super adaptive to almost all the portable devices, from regular mobile to smartphone, and tablets, and laptops. With this theme, you can translate to the English language on your classified site.

  • As mentioned above, the Pioneer Osclass theme has been downloaded for more than hundreds of times on the internet. And this proves its usability and popularity altogether.
  • It developed and published by San-Osclass to gives admin the option to customize the classified site as per his/her choice.
  • The Pioneer theme runs on the latest Osclass version 3.5.9 and above.
  • It is fully responsive, and easily adapts to almost all kinds of mobile devices of any resolution.
  • Feel free to download this free Osclass theme on your classified site and customize it as per your requirements.

3. Sakela Theme

This is one of the fantastic Osclass free themes available for your classified website. It comes with various advanced features for the website administrator. Apart from being a responsive and mobile-friendly theme, it gives you all the possible customization available to run your business hassle-free. Following are some of its features:

  • Sakela is a lite, clean, and beautiful theme designed for Osclass.
  • It is powered by Bootstrap and gives you the option to customize with just a few clicks.
  • You can download this theme without any cost and give your website a fresh new design and look.
  • This theme is compatible with almost all mobile and desktops.
  • It supports the latest Osclass version 3.8.0, thus, giving you an edge in terms of usability.
  • You will get five different predefined color schemes to change the appearance of your classified website.
  • It has multi-language support and is also cross-browser compatible.
  • You will get the option to change the header and footer background images as per your needs.
  • It supports 3rd party plugins for better customization and productivity.
  • RTL support option.
  • You will also be able to control the number listing easily from the admin panel.

4. Elena

Elena is an OLX-style theme, which offers a simple yet attractive homepage for your classified website. It gives you an interactive map, speedy loading time, and many useful plugins. The Elena responsive theme is one of the best free Osclass themes available to download. It aims to give your website a modern design and can be easily customized as per your requirement.

  • It is very easy to use by admin and has an eye-catching and modern design.
  • You will be able to edit post listing by going to the ‘Enter Price’ option or select: Free check with seller.
  • In the edit listing, you can add New Category Select easily without any hassles.
  • Using this theme, you get access to change your integrated profile picture plugin (Avatar).
  • There are plenty of plugins offered with the theme, such as related ads, rollover maps, scroll top buttons, print ads, and QR code.
  • In the rollover maps, you can select from various countries, including Indonesia, Angola, France, Ukraine, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Portugal.
  • Along with this, you can enjoy social bookmarks option, home page slider, photo gallery, and horizontal menu options with the theme.

5. Flux

The Flux Osclass theme is all about the cleanliness and responsiveness. When activating this theme for your classified website, you can easily see that it changes easily and adapts to any screen smoothly. It is user-friendly and also supports the latest version of Osclass. You will get many default plugins and 3rd party plugins can also be downloaded easily. Here are some of the top features of the Flux theme:

  • As mentioned above, this theme is extremely responsive and adapts to almost all kinds of devices smoothly.
  • It has a new simple flat design that can easily attract users and can make them spend some time on your classified website.
  • It is powered by the latest Bootstrap framework and HTML5/CSS3.
  • Using this theme, you can also download the 3rd party plugin as per your site’s requirements and needs.
  • You can also enable or disable the RTL (right to left) view depending on the language you are using on your site.
  • It features multi-language support for a global perspective.
  • It supports the latest version of Osclass 3.8.0.
  • The Flux theme can make your business easy and effective and giving you the power of cross-browser compatibility.

6. Lhoshar

When planning on building a classified website for the real estate, the Lhoshar Osclass theme can be one of the best options for you. Powered by the latest version of Bootstrap, the theme gives you a responsive design that adjusts on almost all the portable devices. It offers your visitors with advanced search options and also gives the option to publish their ad. Let us have a look at this theme’s complete features:

  • As mentioned earlier, Lhoshar is free Osclass theme which is suitable for real estate site.
  • It is very responsive and comes with advanced features for theme setting options for increased productivity.
  • Powered by the latest Bootstrap, it makes relatively easy for the theme to adapt to the viewing device no matter what it is.
  • It aims to display all the important information to the end-user in the simplest way possible.
  • Apart from that, it allows visitors to do advanced search options on the site.
  • Using the Lhoshar free theme, your business can become efficient and increase its reach in the widest possible way.
  • It comes with a modified dashboard and user’s page.
  • You will be able to put different social links on the footer of the website.
  • The theme also supports the RTL view for better user experience, depending on the type of language you are using.
  • Scroll to the top button help users to directly jump to the top of the site’s page while any piece of content.

7. WizEstate

WizEstate is a mobile-friendly Osclass theme suitable for real estate. It is developed on the latest Bootstrap Framework and also provides several awesome font icons. It comes with five different color modes and gives you an RTL layout option for better viewing. Further, the WizEstate theme is compatible with the latest version of Osclass.

  • Built on the popular Bootstrap framework script with the latest front Awesome icons, the WizEstate theme is completely mobile-friendly.
  • The theme is compatible with the entire mobile, tablet, and desktop versions, giving users a dynamic experience.
  • Along with this, it is powered by the latest HTML5/CSS3 version.
  • You will get a Google font option while creating your classified ads site.
  • It supports all the default features of Osclass themes so that you can fully customize your website.
  • With the advanced theme settings option, you can quickly make your site visible to the potential users.
  • As per your requirements, you can also set up a Facebook page like box on the sidebar of your site.
  • There is an option of categories multi-select item post page for your convenience.

8. Bigio

Bigio is a free Osclass theme that is built for all kinds of ads for your business. It is simple and easy to use and maintain. With this theme, you can quickly set up the ads within a few minutes and start selling your products online. The Bigio theme features a powerful product page design and also has various unique features and configurable menu options.

  • When it comes to free Osclass theme for all kinds of ads, the Bigio theme can be one of the best options for you.
  • Using the theme, you will be able to your any style of ads within a few minutes.
  • After this, you can sell your stuff online and grow your users gradually by expanding the categories of your product.
  • The Bigio Osclass free theme is super powerful, clean, and features many useful features for your classified site.
  • You will get plenty of configurable options, product-centric design, and ultimate product page flexibility.
  • By using this theme, you can easily display your ads and various promotions without having to worry about anything at all.
  • With Bigio, you need not worry about anything as it allows you to customize your site as per your requirements easily.

9. LetGo

If you are looking for a clean, responsive, and fast-loading Osclass theme, be sure to check out the Letgo theme. With the Letgo theme, you can let go of all the complicated things in your classified ads site. It is compatible with almost all types of devices, which gives an edge over many other themes. You will also get an option of setting up Google AdSense from the control panel. Below are some of the top features of this theme:

  • With this theme, you can focus on the important tasks of your classified ads site.
  • The Letgo Osclass theme is simple, clean, and responsive, just the way it should be for your online portal.
  • With this theme, you can create attractive designs for your website and make it look pleasing and attractive quickly.
  • No matter on which device a user is viewing your classified site, he/she will be able to enjoy the experience as it supports all kinds of devices, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • From the admin dashboard area, you can easily set up and get the required support of Google AdSense, and many other crucial options.
  • It is first published in July 2015 by Proiulia.
  • You can freely choose this theme for your site if your focus is on a fast-loading theme.

14. Bender Red

First launched in the year 2012 by the Osclass team, Bender Red is a free Osclass theme available for your website. It is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme. It loads faster and can be adapted to any screen resolution within a few microseconds. You can easily customize the theme, add or remove widgets in footer and header, and displays ads via Google AdSense. Let us discuss some of its features below:

  • As mentioned above, the Bender theme is developed by the Osclass team.
  • It is officially launched eight years ago in 2012 to help developers in building a classified ads site.
  • Today, it has become one of the amazing Osclass free classified ads themes.
  • This theme is easily compatible with version 3.5.0 – 3.7.4.
  • Talking further, it has a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design.
  • The theme has a red color highlights inside and out. So, if you are someone who loves red color on website design, this theme could be the one for you.
  • The Bender Red theme will easily adapt to any mobile screens of any resolution without giving you a headache.
  • This theme gives you the option to display ads, such as Google AdSense. Therefore, you can revenue on your Osclass website.

15. Gazette-France

Developed by Marcelo, the Gazette-France theme is first published on the Osclass market. It is a classic design theme that offers you an adaptive and responsive layout with Espana Rollover Map. It is believed to be a variation of the Azzurro theme. You will get many features with this theme, such as Bootstrap3 font awesome, SEO functionalities, and more.

  • This theme is specially built for Gazette-France purposes.
  • Although it hasn’t been rated on the internet, the Gazette-France theme is becoming popular rapidly among website designers.
  • It can be downloaded instantly on the classified ads website without any problems.
  • Using this theme, you can create a classic design, adaptive with Espana Rollover Map, and responsive interactive experience.
  • Your users will never feel bored when you install this theme on your site.
  • This theme includes the latest Bootstrap 3 font awesome, and has been optimized as per your SEO requirements for your business.
  • Based on Bender 3.0, it is a slight variation from the Azzurro theme.

16. Bender

Bender theme is a completely free, mobile-friendly, and responsive theme. Although by default, the theme comes in blue color, you can additionally download and change it to purple, red, or black color. You can also easily customize the theme as per your requirements by adding widgets at the header and footer sections. It can also display ads, such as Google AdSense on your site.

17. MasJob

As the name suggests, this free Osclass theme is ideal when you are planning on designing a classified site for jobs. With this theme, you as well as your users will be able to post job offers easily. So, if you are thinking of posting new vacancies for your company on the ‘Careers’ section of your website, do consider this theme.

Whether it’s about your own website or building a new employment site, you will be able to take all the benefits of getting the right candidates for a specific job. The theme is user-friendly, intuitive, and gives your users to upload CVs, post openings, and apply filters as per your requirements. It is available in three theme colors, White, Blue, and Orange. And you will be able to customize the header and footer section of your website within a few minutes.

18. Twitter

Twitter is a free theme that is very simple to use and customize as your site’s requirements. Are you feeling tired of all the complicated designs and heavy loading time on your website? Well, its time you should consider activating this theme right away. It is built using the powerful Bootstrap front-end framework, along with various other free tools to help you increase your users. The theme features white and blue color highlights that offer you a website with a clean.

19. NewCorp

Downloaded more than forty times by the developers, the NewCorp is one of the most popular free themes for classified ads sites. This theme is ideal when you are required to post jobs on your website. Whether you want to broadcast a message about new openings in your company or build an employment site, the NewCorp theme is ideal for all things related to jobs and careers. Your users will be able to post new job offers, uploads CVs, and apply for various filter jobs as their requirements.

20. Repurpose

It is a beautiful, easy-to-apply free theme for your classified ads site. You will get three elegant themes, purple, white, and black, to design your website. Are you looking to give your site a fresh, dynamic look? Well, consider applying this theme on your site and you won’t regret your decision. Just like several other themes, you can add useful widgets as per your site on the header and footer section.

21. Benny

Benny is a theme that is downloaded more than fifty-four times by users. It is clean, responsive, and is used for multi-purposes. The theme adapts quickly and easily on any device, such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop. It features font awesome for better customization. Now, in this theme, the number of ads on categories and subcategories are removed. When it comes to clarity, categories with ads are highlighted to orange and without ads will be in grey color. No matter what, this theme is free to cost.

22. Seeker

Seeker is the free Osclass theme that is free to customize and post job offers. You can post a new job offers easily on your site without any hassles. If your website has a careers section, you can freely post new openings and vacancies. When it comes to building a professional area on your website or making an employment site, this theme is extremely helpful. You can add widgets in the footer and header sections on your classified ads site. Using this theme, you can easily translate any languages within a few minutes. You can also add an auto expiration option for ads.

23. Italy

If you are working for Italy audience, and want to customize your classified site as per the map of Italy, then this could be one of the awesome Osclass free themes for you. You will get simple, ready-to-use options to customize the site. Using this theme, you will be able to select the regions where your users are selling the products and services.

24. Germany

When looking for building your Osclass classified site for Germany, do consider this theme. It is downloaded on the Internet for more than 47 times. Launched first on March 28, 2018, the Romania theme gives you access to set the region as per your users’ selling products and services. You can customize many useful options by using this theme on your ads site.

25. Spain Ibero

Created by Marcelo, the Spain Ibero theme is first published on the Osclass market. It is a classic design theme, which is responsive and adaptive to Espana Rollover Map. The theme is suitable and adapts itself to any mobile screens between 360px up to 1200px. It is based on the Bender 3.0 and is a different version of Azzurro themed discussed above.

26. India Classifieds

The India Classifieds theme is offered by Marcelo and includes Bootstrap 3 font awesome, apart from various other features. With this Osclass theme, you will be able to SEO optimize your site and it helps to load your site faster as well. It has a responsive, classic design theme, and perfectly adapts to any mobile screen between 360px to 1200px to give a dynamic viewing experience.

How to Install Osclass Themes?

Osclass is a free, powerful open-source script through which you can create your own classified online marketplace. You can build a website related to job listings, car rentals, real estate, and many more. There are many different Osclass plugins, and themes to choose on internet. So, let us explain and show how you can install the Osclass theme on your website easily and quickly:

Before installing an Osclass theme, make sure that you have the following requirements:

  • MySQL database (or access to create one)
  • PHP version: 5.6 or newer
  • MySQLi module for PHP
  • GD module for PHP

Uploading theme via FTP:

  • After downloading desired Osclass free responsive themes, you need to unzip the theme folder.
  • Through FTP client, go to the plugins and themes options and copy them to the Osclass software’s root directory.
  • When using on a Mac desktop, be sure that you do not replace the original Osclass director rather merge the new folders with Osclass.
  • After pasting, please do confirm that all the files are successfully transferred to the root directory.

Upload theme via Osclass Admin Panel:

  • To upload a theme from the Osclass admin panel, go to ‘Appearance’  and then click on the ‘Manage themes’ option.
  • Look and click on the ‘Add new’ button.
  • A new popup window will open after which you need to unzip the Free_Theme.zip file and upload the Osclass theme in the folder.

Activate the Theme:

  • If you wish to activate the theme, you need to go to the ‘Appearance’ option.
  • Now, look for the installed themes and choose the one you want to activate.
  • After that, click on the ‘Activate’ button to apply the design on your classified site.

How to Add Plugins in Osclass:

  • As mentioned above, although there are many useful plugins available with the Osclass themes, you can also install 3rd party plugins as per your requirements.
  • To add a new plugin, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu
  • After this, click on the ‘+’ button at the right corner to search and activate a new plugin.
  • For adding a new plugin, just go to the ‘Market’ option and search for the required plugin.
  • After finding the right plugin, simply click on ‘View more’ to know more about the plugin.

How to Change Homepage Banner Image

The slider image or homepage banner image helps to attract visitors to your website and make it easier to view the content. You can change the image as per your choice by going to the ‘Appearance’ menu option.

  • Go to ‘Appearance’ in the dashboard.
  • Now you will get the ‘Banner Image’ option.
  • If no image has been selected, you can upload any new picture by locating it on the computer.

How to Enable RTL View in the Theme:

RTL stands for ‘Right to Left’. And most of the websites around the world has the content alignment in this direction only. If your website’s language is set as Arabic, the theme will showcase the content from right to left. It won’t work until you change the settings. To do that:

  • Go to ‘Appearance.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Theme Settings’ menu option.
  • Here you can check whether the RTL view is enabled or disabled.
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