Osclass Free Plugins - 25 Osclass Plugins Free download

Who doesn’t want a responsive and user-friendly website? Whether it’s for the business or your personal brand, an attractive and responsive website is important for everyone. And the most important aspects of a website are the themes and plugins utilized. In this article, we’re going to discuss top Osclass free plugins and themes you can download for your website. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the list:

Top 10 Osclass Free Plugins

Although there are many plugins available for download, here, we’ve included the best ones as per your business requirements. These plugins will help your website run smoothly and without any errors. No matter what kind of business you have, there are many tools required to track your progress, audience reach, etc. So, here are some of these Osclass plugins free download for your various business needs:

Osclass Plugins Free download
Osclass Plugins Free download

1. Anti-Spam

This Osclass plugin provides your website with two primary security problems. It analyzes and detects the spam on your website and processes it for you. And on the other hand, it secures your accounts on your website for unauthorized access.

This plugin gives your website spam protection from ads, comments, and contact e-mails. Apart from this, it also protects the following aspects,

·       User accounts: In this option, you can limit the number of times a user attempts to log in. You can also control whether you want to block or ban the particular user. There is an option for the bot trap to add in the login form.

·       Administrator accounts: Here, you can add, edit, or delete user accounts as per your choice. All this option is available in the Osclass free plugins.

·       Registrations: This option lets you activate and check every time a new user is registered on your website. You can identify the e-mail addresses used during the registration.

·       IP ban list: You can add IP addresses that you want to prohibit access to your page. With this option, you can check whether the blocked users are forwarded. 

2. External Links

The primary function of this Osclass plugin is to automatically convert standard text URLs and external links into anchor tags. It has several salient features, such as no opener, open URL, and adding ref nofollow options.

To install this plugin, you must have Osclass theme of at least 3.3.2 version. To activate the External Links plugin, you need to go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in the administrator dashboard. It is useful for all kinds of website owners and businesses.

3. YouTube Video

Do you extensively use YouTube videos in your business? Have you been creating videos to make the content reach to the right audience? If yes, this Osclass plugin free download can be an ideal one for your website.

Using this plugin, you can easily embed YouTube videos on your website. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to embed the video code on your site. This Osclass plugin has been downloaded more than 289 times from the online store. So, utilize it to embed videos without any hassles.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that shows detailed statistics and reports about the visitors on your website. It is one of the most popular and accurate tools out there. There is a plugin for the Osclass website that lets you track users on your site and help you keep all the records in one place.

With this plugin, you can easily insert your Google Analytics tracking code without any problem. So, just download it right away, and start using this plugin for your website.

5. SEO Wiz

Everyone wants their website to rank higher in Google’s search results. And this can happen with proper search engine optimization (SEO). SEO Wiz is the free Osclass plugin and SEO optimization tool for your website. With this plugin, you can add meta title, meta keywords, meta description, pages, and give contact details:

Please do note that to make any changes to your website or in this SEO tool, you should be logged in as an administrator. This plugin has features like custom meta keywords, custom meta values for home page, and various other static pages, and display format in a dynamic form.

6. Sitemap Generator

This Osclass plugins free download is crucial for all webmasters, whether new or experienced. A sitemap boasts an XML file that consists of all the URLs in a website. Through this, webmasters add information to each URL.

They can identify when was the page last modified, or how often it is changed, etc. This Osclass plugin is extremely useful for website administrators who use Silverlight, Ajax, or flash content that search engines consider as a complex task.

7. Custom Attributes

Do you have any kind of listings on your website? If yes, then this plugin is surely for you. At times, you may want to create listings on your site for various purposes. With this plugin, you can add custom attributes very easily.

The plugin has the following features:

  • Six input types of custom attributes (radio, select, text, checkbox, and text area).
  • Complete editing of values and inputs.
  • Date value displays a popup calendar for easy selection.
  • Alphabetical ordering of attributes.
  • Modern, Blender theme style sheet.

8. Social Share

Whenever you publish any new post or new web page that you want the audience to visit, you will want it to be shareable as well. The posts and pages should be shareable so that it can be shared on social media channels or anywhere else to bring more visitors.

This plugin helps you put social share buttons on your posts or pages as per your requirements. Just install it from your dashboard, customize few settings, and you’re good to go to put the various social share buttons on your pages.

9. Google Map

If you’re a travel-related business, you may require the use of Google Maps. Even if you’re not, some website owners are using it in the contact us page. This Osclass free plugin is developed to embed Google Maps in your web pages or listings. Whenever a user visits your website, through Google Maps, he/she can geolocate that particular location or find the products and services. He/she may use this feature to reach your business address as well.

10. Profile Picture

Having a profile picture in your business account is essential for building trust with your customers. A profile picture helps users distinguish the real business from fake, shady ones. With the help of this Profile Picture plugin, you can add a photo from the user registration form. You can change the photo by going to the account option.

After uploading the desired photo, you can:

  • Adjust its size.
  • Change the image quality as per your liking.
  • Change the setting whether you want to display the photo on the ad page.
  • Control the visibility to the public.
  • Alter the orientation of the picture.

This is an all-in-one profile picture plugin, useful for every website owner in terms of appearance.

15 Other Useful Osclass Plugins

So far, we’ve seen some general and specific Osclass plugins for free download. From customizing your profile photo, adding social buttons, to optimizing your site, there are a plethora of plugins you should use for various purposes. But, let’s now have a look at some of the more specific plugins below one by one:

1. Recaptcha

This free Osclass plugin is a security plugin for your website. With the help of this plugin, you can make sure only humans visit and enter your site. You can show no Captcha in new listing, register, login, web contact, etc.

Apart from this, you can add noCaptcha reCaptcha at various other locations, such as user login page, web contact page, contact listing, and ‘send to a friend’ listing page. In the plugin, you get to change the language, theme, error message, etc.

2. Header and Footer

A header is an image or section that stays on the top of a web page whereas the footer at the bottom. Both are important aspects of a website for every business. In the footer, generally the information of the business along with the copyright logo is mentioned.

With this Osclass plugins free download, you can create and add extra styling code to the header and footer. It is a free plugin and has been downloaded for about 207 times by the website administrators. To activate the plugin, you need to go to the Osclass administrator dashboard.    

3. Category Icon

Although you will get default styling when it comes to the icons for various categories on your website, customization is always beneficial for everyone. Through this free plugin, you can add different icons to your categories very easily. The plugin has been downloaded more than three hundred times. And it is compatible with version 3.3.1 or higher.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small scripts that store basic information about a visitor. With the help of this free Osclass plugin, you can choose to display the ‘cookie consent’ message to your first-time visitors. This plugin is open-source cookie consent software.

Showing a cookie disclaimer is an internet law required by various international agencies as well as European law. Admin has complete control over this plugin from the dashboard. It is available in multiple languages. Also, it works independently without any hassles.

5. Pre-resize Image

At times, some of the images on your website cannot be resized. They don’t have more than 640×480 pixels in size. Now, using this plugin, you can solve this issue very easily. Before the images are sent to your server, you can resize them as per the requirements. When images are sized, processing and uploads become faster. To do this, you need to go to the dashboard and there you can easily rearrange them in no time. To better work this plugin, it is recommended to have a browser fully compatible with HTML5. This is one of the most useful Osclass free plugins for webmasters when it comes to productivity.  

6. Modal Advertising

The first page of your website acts as the front portion of your shop. The more attractive it will be, the more visitors will reach your website. Through the Modal Advertising plugin, you can advertise the content on a modal window. Generally chosen by admin, you can choose to display them on your website for maximum profit.

As the modal window is developed using CSS, it is faster as compared to other plugins. You can use independent check boxes, display on the drop down menu, or set an independent time in seconds to show the window.

7. Rich Edit

This plugin is mostly for those website owners who are managing a classified website. With this plugin, you can edit items on your website and make the content look more unique and interesting. When the content of your site is attractive and unique, visitors will automatically come to see your products or services. So, don’t forget to download these Osclass free plugins.

8. Watchlist

Using this free Osclass plugin, you can add your favorite ads on a specific list. Whether you’re trying to make the list organized, or just want to reorder the items, this plugin is useful for all kinds of operations. Like all other plugins, you need to go to the admin dashboard to activate and customize this plugin as per your choice. Along with this, you can see and view the list of the items in your account.

9. Location Required

Many webmasters like to add locations to track all the activities happening on the website. This plugin has been downloaded for about two-hundred times till now. According to this plugin, it can be used to add compulsory location details in the ad display form. Whenever a user posts or edits their ads, location is required from the website. This plugin is suitable for users who want to know the exact location of a particular business and its products and services.

10. List Seller Items

Are you facing the issue is organizing various ads from a user? Do you wish to group these ads together? Well, list seller items, an Osclass plugins free download, lets you easily do exactly this. All the users on your website are able to group ads in particular nature. After this, a user can browse through and filter items for an individual user. You can use this plugin is several different languages, such as English, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Russian, Latvian, and German.

11. Digital Goods

At times, you may be facing the problem of sharing offline docs to the clients. During that time, it becomes essential to have a tool that can easily convert them into digital ones. Today, almost all things are going digital as the world is changing rapidly. Through this free plugin, your users can attach digital files to various items on the website.

12. Admin Tool Login

In this plugin, categorized into users, you can change between user accounts in Osclass with just a simple click. This is a useful plugin when you want to change from one user to another in no time. This plugin will quickly log out from the current user and login as another user as desired by you. It gives handy features like switching off accounts, switching users, and not revealing the passwords.

13. Registered User Only

If you don’t want unregistered users to view or visit your site, then this free Osclass plugin can help. This plugin has been widely used by administrators. It has been downloaded for about one hundred forty-four times online. No matter you want to protect your privacy, or just a method of safety, these Osclass plugins free download is helpful for all kinds of businesses. 

14. Tawk

Your business must be offering various products and services. And many users may want information about it while comfortably sitting at home or anywhere else. So, they can use the chat option to get the information they’re looking for. This is when the need for messaging apps like Tawk comes into existence.

With this plugin, you can chat with your visitors on your website easily. The messaging service is completely free for everyone. To set up the Tawk plugin, you just need to enter your admin panel and go to the Tawk embed code. Now, you can log in using your Tawk account and customize the widget.

15. Auto Response

This is basically an email-centered plugin. With these Osclass free plugins, you can reply to emails automatically. You don’t have to look and reply to each email one by one. This will save you a lot of time and help you focus on the most important tasks of your website.

In the automated email reply, the user is informed that the administrator will shortly get back to him/her with the query entered in the contact page. Every time a contact form is submitted, automated email replies are sent to the users.

Download Osclass Plugins For Free

Every plugin mentioned in the list is important and useful in its own way. Some acts as an extra layer of security, while some increases the productivity and overall performance of your website. No matter how you’re trying to improve your website’s performance, you must look into and install and try these Osclass free plugins from your dashboard. So, go ahead, and try it one by one and enjoy the benefits for your business.

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