7 Principal to Increase “SEO” sales in 2018


In today’s world SEO is becoming more advanced and competitive because there are a lot of new people comes every day in this field. Due to this SEO changes their techniques rapidly and the worst part is you might even know the new rules of the SEO . I know this is a bad news that you have to make changes in your website in every short period of time to make your website SEO optimized.

The best thing you should do is to take care of your website by doing changes whenever changes required. Always update with the new rules of the SEO to make your website optimize so that you will get the top ranking of your website on the top search list of all the search engines.

new rules of the SEO

Before starting to learn how you can improve your webpage ranking, let’s have a look to your home page ranking on search engine results.

This is the free tool which is given by SERPS, with the help of this tool you can determine your page ranking which is based on the keyword research. Explore the tool and other multiple options you have to know the fact of the tools.

Here’s The Techniques You Should Use To Increase Your SEO Sales In 2018:

  1. Keywords

When you are ready to create your content, first know about those words what people search every day. The page you are building make sure that you are built your page around those keywords which are important for you and for your website or webpage.

Use the best keywords for your every post so that your post will get good ranking on google search engine.

keyword discovery

Google helps you out according to the keyword you search on the google bar. When you type anything on google bar then google suggest you the most popular words which are popular according to the searches. If you want to make your keyword more visible on google search list then you can use a tool called google keyword planner.

This tool will definitely help you out and give you the best possible popular keyword. And this tool will tell you which keyword searched most of the time last month, last week, or last day.

  1. Image tags

Almost every website have images in their websites. Many of the blogger don’t know about google image search and I am always get surprised when bloggers don’t identify the images. Google don’t know how to identify the image so always put a tag on your image.

The website which are indexed by the google needs to understand that what the motive of the image is and when the image should be served up.

If I am talking about WordPress then it’s very easy to give tag on your images. You just install a Yoast plugin and that plugin will always remind you to put a tag on your image. If you are using tags then google will know about your image like what the purpose of the image is, how to index that image, where to store that image and when to bring it up that image in a search list.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important part and new rules of the SEO, if you don’t have backlinks then you are nothing either your content is unique or best. Basically in backlinks people linking your website with their website because they found some informative and interesting content on your website.


You also use backlinks so that you can make good connection with different bloggers and it’s beneficial for your website and for you too. You will learn many things from other bloggers if you are interacting to other bloggers.

Make sure the link you give on your website is active (un-broken). If the link you provided is broken then it will give bad impact to the user who came to your website. Backlinks -new rules of the SEO – help you to dive a large number of traffic on your website and help you to rise in the search engine list.

  1. Meta description

You can see the sentence right below your URL on the searched page that sentence is known as Meta description. This is the important thing that will tell people that what your post is about in a shortest way. Make your Meta description attractive so that people will desperate to open the link of your website.

If your post is not according to the Meta description you write then it’s not good for your website. You will lose your visitors and engagement, so make sure that you are posting your content according to the Meta description. Basically Meta description is the brief summary of your post.

  1. Website Speed

In 2010 google announced that the ranking of the website is also depend on the speed of the website. That means how much time your website will take to open the pages. Basically google wants that your website will take lesser time to open.internet speed gauge

In today’s world if your website is not fast then it will be bad for you because visitors don’t have time. You will lose your audience too if your website speed is slow.

You can use some tools to make your image and website optimize. This will help you to load your website fast.

If the loading time of your website is fast then it will be great for you and for your website.

  1. Report and analytics

The important , critical part and new rules of the SEO is report and analytics, these two things will help you to improve your marketing strategies. Also these things will help you to know about your audience and engagements. After setting up analytics you can easily track the small and big events of your visitors or customers.

google analytics and seo

You will know that what type of content your customer want, in which part of the website had most of the issues, which page was the least or most visited and why.

You will know the small-small things about your website after setting up analytics. You will be aware of your website internally. Analytics will also help you to improve your ranking on the search list.

  1. Technical optimizations

Apart from all the things, you just have to make your website solid without worrying about any issues. You have to remove all the technical issues form your website so that the visitor who will come to your website will not face any problem and can access each and everything easily.

These are the seven points you have to store in your mind because it will help you to increase your sales in 2018. Everyone wants to be on top no one wants to be the last so everyone is trying to be smarter and harder so that they can defeat their competitor by increasing their sales.

So follow the points I mention above to increase your sales, you will see a good results after some time by applying these points on your website.

This is helpful for me and I know it will help you too. Don’t rush just make your website simple and clean. User cam to your website to get information or if you are providing good information to your visitors then it’s good for your website ranking.

I Hope that the above mentioned new rules of the SEO will help you to increase SEO sales. Please provide your valid comment in comment box




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