Is AdSense worth it-Should I use adsense?

Is AdSense worth it ?

Is adsense Worth it to use? Should I Use Adsense ?



Many of beginners will never think is AdSense worth it to use? If AdSense really help us to earn?

Also, Think If google analytics is really help you in SEO, Stop Google Tracking from Your Site.

In My personal experience it’s not! You will never get paid from Google even if you get paid it will be less than your expense. You have to spend money for hosting, domain registration, website template, SEO, Backlinks, marketing and many more. This will cost more when compared to your final earnings.  AdSense waste my time, cost & work. Finally google turn my interest in searching alternative way earn online instead of AdSense.  Before speaking about its cons!  It’s necessary to speak its pros.

Is adsense worth it? Should i use adsense

What is AdSense?

Lots of blogs, forum, and website will explains lot for this questions ! AdSense is popular advertising network by Google. It allows users to display ads in website, blog, YouTube videos and mobile apps.

How to apply?

To apply for AdSense you need a website with decent page views. Google doesn’t approve easily your AdSense account. Your website must have at least 20 posts with average of 100 views per post for 2 months. To get fast approval – try to get few page views by social sharing, social sharing will lead you to boast your views.

How to earn?

After getting approval, you have to create different kind of add code like display add, banner add, link add, text add, inline article add and matched content add. Then display those ads in your website. AdSense allow you to paste 3 add codes per page.

How much you earn?

You can’t easily assume your earnings. Compared to other add network AdSense provide high revenue to your Impressions. Earnings are mainly depending on locations and advertiser. It depends on what kind of add you get clicked? And from which location you get clicked?

hidden facts in adsense revenue

Top countries:

Mainly USA, UK, Canada has high CPC. Try to get clicks from those countries. It is possible to get more than 10$ per click from above locations.

Top adds in 2018:

Veeam, synopsis, manage engine, IBM, 24×7, Velocitech,easy learn are the top paying add networks based on my experience. If the users of your website will click the above adds you will get more CPC (Cost Per Click).

Hidden fact behind high revenue:

Not only your earnings based on clicks locations and add networks. It’s also based on your address. It means after you reached 10 $ AdSense will ask you to verify your address. It send some kind pin in letter, you have to verify that pin to get payment once you reached your threshold amount (basically 100$).


Your revenue will also be based on your address. If you are registered from USA address your CPC will be high. I registered my account from India my earnings is 200 % low compared to USA account. (I hate this bullshit fact).If you don’t get approval then try to buy USA pin verified AdSense account from market. Many freebies will sell Pin verified AdSense accounts.

Is that possible to get paid? Is Adsense Worth It?  Should I Use Adsense ? – None of the beginners will ask this question.

My answer is no, If you don’t have an better web-page with decent page views. Then you won’t get paid. From my experience! I own AdSense account  and few low quality websites for more than 5 years . My overall earnings is just 33 dollars never get paid from Google Adsense . I got Tired using AdSense , finally I decided to get illegal clicks.

Click exchange:

Because of my low Earnings, I decided to get clicks from Facebook. Facebook has Lots of group to exchange clicks. These group allow you to exchange add click. It means, you have to click for others and submit history as screen shot and they will return on your rule. By doing these you will get free clicks and traffics.

adsense policies


Generally It’s not findable by AdSense . According to AdSense policy click exchange is violation, but there is less chance to get caught. By doing these for one month I earn up to 40 dollars.

AdSense Policies:

  • Google will ban your account , if you violate their policies.
  • If you click your own Account.
  • If you approach someone to click your add.
  • Using VPN or proxy on your websites.
  • Placing add code inside images, inside text which force some to click (download, click here, earn more).
  • Getting paid clicks.

These are some major Violation policies by AdSense. If you don’t follow the above things you have more chance to get banned.

5 years Dream end:

Last week I fought with few peoples in Facebook, They don’t return my clicks for more than 1 week, So, I complain about them in Facebook group. Next Day am getting a mail from google says that my account are disabled due to invalid activity. I appeal further but they won’t reinstate  my account. Some of the Fuckers from Facebook group violate my AdSense account.



From my experience it’s less worth to use AdSense. You will never get paid from Google. Even if you get paid it will be less that your expense. You have to spend money for hosting, domain registration, website template, SEO, Backlinks, marketing and many more. This will cost more when compared to your final earnings.

So, it’s better to avoid Google AdSense instead of using AdSense try some other way to earn online.

Some Other Ways:

Currently am developing new website named Fancsy. It Offer users to Download osclass free themes and plugins. AdSense open my eyes and turn my idea into SEO, I tried to rank my website top in google by applying various on-page and off-page SEO activities. I hope that I will reach my goal soon.

Again am asking

Is adsense Worth it to use?  Should I Use Adsense ?



Also, Think If google analytics is really help you in SEO, Stop Google Tracking from Your Site.

Thanks and sorry for my language


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