More edit osclass plugin

More edit osclass plugin

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This Plugin provide complete control to users. Allow users to moderate their ads. It is one of ideal plugin in osclass market because it avoids spam. Allow user to add more options. It also alert the admin when user modify their ads.

 More edit osclass Plugin Main features:

  • Moderate-Moderate or edit new items.
  • Establish maximum ads per week/month.
  • Full control-User get full and complete control.
  • Spam-It avoid spam.
  • Notified-Admin get notified when user edit or modify their ads.
  • Add a few more options to moderation control.

Moreover this Plugin gives you an complete and moderate control over your ads.Get Notified when user edits an ad or establish a maximum of ads per week /month.

See our Sample work in Hextr.

More edit osclass plugin

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More edit osclass plugin
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