Favourite items osclass plugin

Favourite Items Plugin

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Favourite items plugin for osclass allows users to Favourite listings they like, get better overview on theme and see them anytime they return to your classifieds. This plugin is very intuitive and useful plugin for osclass that allows users to Favourite / like listings and have control over them, so they can find it very easily when they return to your classifieds.

Favourite Items Plugin features:

  • Works for non-registered users also – this does not offer you any other plugin.
  • Work for registered and non-registered users.
  • Every user can create one or more Favourite lists.
  • For each list, user can set to get notifications about favourite Then user is notified in case.
  • Price has changed on favourite item.
  • Listing has been removed.
  • Adding / removing listing to Favourite list use ajax, therefore no page reload is required.
  • Add user’s current Favourite list with it’s item in front office, i.e. into sidebar.
  • Set maximum count of listings in 1 Favourite list.
  • Admin can support adding / removing items from Favourite list by enabling quick messages, that are shown in right top corner.

When user access user menu to see it’s Favourite lists and listings, there is pagination to avoid slow page load in case there is too much listings in the list.

See our sample work in Hextr.

Favourite Items Plugin

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